More Information About the H1B Visa Program (Part 2)

More Information About the H1B Visa Program (Part 2)

Technology Sector Businesses

The H-1B visa is uniquely relevant to companies in the technology field. US employers say they need immigrant workers in particular fields where there is a shortage of talent. Some number of Americans believe that hiring H-1B employees takes work away from US technologists.

In March of 2017, under the direction of President Trump, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) temporarily suspended “premium processing” for H-1B visas starting April 3, 2017. Once a professional from another country receives an H-1B, he may remain in the US for up to six years. These fast-track processings are most beneficial to India’s outsourcing businesses, where “fast-track processing” can fill positions for new American projects very quickly.

The premium processing means visas process in 15 days or less once they pay the additional $1,225. For those who have to take the traditional route, getting a visa can take up to three to six months.

The USCIS announced:

“that the suspension could last up to six months but said it may consider some specific H-1B applications for an expedition in cases of severe financial loss to a company or person, an emergency situation, or for humanitarian reasons, among others.

This short-term suspension of the H-1B took place under Trump’s anti-immigration stance and may result in a future tightening of the future H-1B visa, a blow to India’s IT outsourcing industry. Some of the US sponsors for H-1B visas back in 2016 include:


• Microsoft

• Amazon

• Google

• Apple

• Intel

• JP Morgan Chase

The Trump administration the order to ban H-1B visas believing it would make a path for continuing the recruitment of US IT professionals. The H-1B visa, however, was designed to allow businesses to hire immigrant workers while also keeping American workers on the job, as well. At this point, IT CEOs are concerned the H-1B visa suspension is paving the way for the broader stoppage for the program.

In the next section of this three part series, we’ll cover how the Trump administration is further tightening the H-1B visa program, and what new requirements will be enacted in 2018.

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