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Our firm provides representation in family-based immigrant visas, waivers of inadmissibility, removal/deportation defense, humanitarian relief (e.g. temporary protected status, asylum and deferred action), naturalization/citizenship, nonimmigrant visas (e.g. tourist and religious worker visas), appeals and compliance with the Immigration Reform & Control Act (Form I-9 and anti discrimination). Our entire staff is bilingual in both Spanish and English:

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About Omar Salguero

Attorney Omar Salguero practices Immigration law in Northern Illinois. Mr. Salguero is currently of counsel for the Latino Immigration Legal Center in Aurora, Illinois.

Personal Information

  • Born in Venezuela but raised in Colombia
  • Worked for a variety of financial institutions in the Chicago land area.
  • Presided over the Latino Law Student Association (LLSA) and served as the Central Regional Director for the National LLSA.
  • Recognized for his leadership and service with the Edward F. Diedrich Award.

Professional Affiliations

  • American Immigration Lawyers Association
  • Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois
  • Illinois State Bar Association
  • Kane County Bar Association


  • Northern Illinois University College of Law, DeKalb, Illinois - J.D. – 2012
  • Northern Illinois University - B.S. – 2004. Major: Finance
  • Languages: English - Spanish


Our attorneys have diligently prepared numerous individuals for reinstatement hearings, and are experienced in representing clients at hearings before the Illinois Secretary of State.

A real estate transaction is one of the most valuable investments and biggest decisions that individuals and families alike will face in their lives.

We ensure a commitment to personal service by providing one-on- one communication directly with your lawyer.

During trying family times, a divorce attorney is needed to evaluate legal transactions and child support issues. We are committed to the details of your case.

  • Secretary of State hearings- We understand that the loss of driving privileges places an immense strain not only on a driver, but his or her family and their livelihood. A Secretary of State hearing serves to evaluate an individual’s commitment to changing the behavior that caused the revocation of his or her driving privileges. If the revocation of your diving privilege is due to a DUI, you are required to show proof that you have completed or continue to comply with the requirements set forth by your Uniform Report risk evaluation. With a driver’s license reinstatement attorney on your side, you can be wholly prepared for your hearing no matter how complicated the situation.
  • Representing buyers- Our team takes the time to get to know our buyer clients. There is a great deal of legal terminology in real estate negotiations. We understand their questions and concerns pertaining to the detail-oriented requirements of a real estate transaction. Our experienced attorneys look for details that are often overlooked. We advise and guide clients through the process of closing on their coveted real estate investment.
  • Representing sellers: Most sellers are motivated to move through the sale process as effectively and proficiently as possible so they move to the next stage of their lives. Our representation focuses on detaching sellers from their current situation with as few long-term entanglements as possible. We advise on closings to ensure that our clients are safeguarded during the closing process and in the future.
  • DUI. Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI) is serious offense in Illinois. Even a first-time DUI offender is faced with significant fines and jail time as well as other severe consequences. An experienced DUI defense attorney can fight to get the evidence surrounding your arrest eliminated or suppressed, reduce the charges, or negotiate an agreement. If you've been charged and arrested for DUI contact our experienced attorneys to learn how we can help you protect your rights, fight the charges, and help decrease the chance that you will end up with a DUI conviction on your record. We ensure a commitment to personal service by providing one-on- one communication directly with your lawyer.
  • Divorce. Without a divorce lawyer, it’s difficult to navigate the processes of a family law case in Illinois. When seeking a divorce, whether simple or complex, there are multiple factors to consider. From custody disputes and visitation rights to child support and property distribution, we understand that this life-altering situation can have a ripple effect on every facet of life. If you are considering a divorce, speak with one of our attorneys who will assure efficiency in navigating the process.
  • Child Support. Child custody and parenting decisions are of utmost importance in Illinois. Child support is a monetary payment toward the living expenses of their children by a non-custodial parent. Child support payment is determined by the court that will consider the best interest of the child. Our knowledgeable family lawyers can explain how child support is calculated and help you settle fair, precise terms.

Do you want to start a new business in the U.S.?

Do you want to buy an existing business?

Do you intend to keep your overseas business in operation?

Is your main goal to do business in the U.S. and/or to get a green card?

Just like your business goals, your employees are not limited by geography!

We provide exceptional support in all non-immigrant visa categories, including employers seeking worker status for a specific time period and purpose. We also assist companies in authorizing unlimited employment with U.S. residence for foreign nationals and obtaining immigrant visas.

We have the resources and expertise to:
Ensure compliance with immigration laws and regulations
Prepare visa applications and organize supporting documentation
Submit visa applications to the appropriate agency
When a multinational company is growing a new market in another country, it may be essential to have some employees with specialized knowledge work in the newly established branch. An intra-company transferee visa allows for the transfer of executives, high-level managers, executives, and employees with specialized knowledge from overseas so that they can provide parallel services in U.S. There are two categories of L-1 visas: L-1A visa for managers and executives; L-1B for employees with specialized knowledge. For example, an employee with specialized knowledge may be an individual who possesses proprietary knowledge about a company's product and who travels to the U.S. to impart his or her specialized knowledge to new U.S. employees.
E-2 visas are available to an alien who is a citizen or national of a treaty country. The individual applies to enter the U.S. solely to develop and direct the operation of an enterprise in which he or she has invested, or is in the process of investing a substantial amount of capital. Specific criteria must be met to qualify for either visa. Three main requirements are: 1) A treaty must exist between the United States and the foreign country under whose treaty the E status is sought; 2) Majority ownership or control of the investing or trading company must be held by nationals of the foreign country under whose treaty the E status is sought; 3) Citizenship of the foreign country under whose treaty the status is sought by each employee or principal of the company who is seeking the E status pursuant to the treaty.
These visas provide a path to U.S. lawful permanent residence for immigrant investors. In general, to be eligible for an EB-5, the investor must meet capital investment amount requirements, job creation requirements, and ensure that the business receiving the investment qualifies for the EB-5 program. EB-5 visa applicants, their spouse, and their children under 21 will obtain their permanent residency green card once all requirements have been successfully met and approved by the USCIS.
The H-1B visa allows U.S. employers to recruit & employ foreign professionals in “specialty occupations” within the U.S. for a specified period of time. A “specialty occupation,” is defined as an profession that requires theoretical and technical expertise in in-demand fields including, but not limited to: IT, Architecture, Engineering, Mathematics, Physical Scientific Research, Social Science, Biotechnology, HealthCare/Medicine, Education, Law, Accounting, Business. The foreign professional must possess at least a bachelor's degree or its equivalent. A privilege of the H-1B visa is that it is a ‘dual intent’ visa. This means that under the terms of the H-1B visa, the alien employee can also apply for a Green Card and become a permanent resident.
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